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Peri Bottle Postpartum Healing

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New mothers rave about Peri-bottles following childbirth, and with good reason.

It's important to keep up with proper hygiene each time you go to the bathroom after childbirth, whether vaginal or caesarean delivery the Peri-bottle is a godsend for new mothers.

Most women will find it difficult to touch or reach the perineal area after childbirth. This is when the handheld peri-bottle becomes your best friend, making it easier to wash the perineal area thoroughly each time you use the bathroom, it has a soothing effect and helps to reduce infection and speed up healing.

You can use it together with the perineal ice packs for additional soothing relief and reduce swelling, especially if you experienced some tearing, and require stitches.

We offer an upside-down peri-bottle, which is ergonomically designed, with a large water capacity so you don't need to refill in the middle of use.

Take it with you to the hospital or have it on hand after a homebirth delivery. 


  • 1 x Peri Bottle
  • 2x Spray Nozzle
  • 1x Travel Pouch
  • Anti-slip Design
  • Large 350ml size