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Organic Leaf Waterproof Bassinet Sheet
Organic Leaf Waterproof Bassinet Sheet
Organic Leaf Waterproof Bassinet Sheet

Organic Leaf Waterproof Bassinet Sheet

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Meet nature’s print. Little Human® Linens Organic Leaf Green and White Waterproof Bassinet Sheet features a watercolour, eucalypt design reminiscent of nature’s playground… the bush. 

It might even inspire you to recreate favourite childhood moments for your #littlehuman. Think bushwalking, collecting gum nuts and looking for Snugglepot and Cuddlpie.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a bushwalk if someone didn’t accidentally-on-purpose slip into the creek (it’s water play right?). But finish with a picnic afterwards and it’ll be like the accident never happened…. 

Kinda like middle of the night spills when you choose our waterproof bedding... sheet changes so quick it’s almost like it never happened.

The Little Human® Linens difference? Just ONE sheet change, ONE item to wash and ONE item to put away.

Made from super soft organic cotton
- Printed with eco-friendly dyes
- Free from crackling, crunching and other absurd noises
- Breathable waterproof membrane
- Free from BPA's and other nasties
- Hygenic barrier protection - perfect for daycare!
- Easy care, wash with your regular laundry cycle

For the 3am parenting win, layer two of our sheets on your mattress (one over top of the other). You’ll be high fiving yourself as you head back to bed quicker than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

- 81 x 41 x 10cm (32 x 16 x 4")
- Rectangular in shape
- The smallest sheet in our range
- Recommended use on thin mattresses up to 5cm thick ie bassinets, moses baskets, hospital bassinets, pram bassinets
- There is no agreed 'standard size' for bassinets - hence the wide variation between brands
- For best fit, tuck any excess firmly under mattress to ensure a smooth flat sleep surface.