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7 week Sneak Peek Gender Test Kit
7 week Sneak Peek Gender Test Kit

7 week Sneak Peek Gender Test Kit

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Boy or Girl? Find out your baby's gender months earlier than other methods with SneakPeek!


Starting at 8 weeks into pregnancy 
99.9% accurate DNA-based blood test 
Administered by phlebotomy professional 
Results emailed straight to you in 4-6 business days


SneakPeek Clinical by Gateway Genomics is the only clinically-proven early gender DNA test that lets you discover your baby’s gender as early as 8 weeks pregnant with 99.9% accuracy. The test detects the presence or absence of male Y chromosome DNA from a small 3mL maternal blood sample. For just $179, Boy or Girl results are emailed directly to you in 4-6 business days. SneakPeek is the leading provider and most accurateearly gender DNA test on the market, trusted by over 350,000 moms and obstetricians.


IMPORTANT:  If purchasing this test, you must be able to collect in store at Oh Baby Cairns. We cannot send these tests to you. You will be given a referral for QML and will need to return your sample (same day)to our store for processing and shipment to the laboratory.

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